Welcome to language school Elyssa. We offer high level language training for anyone who seeks to prepare for the 'inburgerings-exam' or 'staatsexamen'. We aim to approach this in classes of max. 15 students, personal coaching and regular exams to test the progress and level of understanding of the language.



Our vision is based on the belief that everybody in the Netherlands has a right as well as a duty to be included and be able to participate in society. The condition to this is of course passing the inburgerings- or staatsexamen. Furthermore, we see it as our job to create steps for progress with regards to participation in society, if necessary. To be self-reliant is essential in this process as this will lead to active citizenship.


As a language school, we offer next to being an incentive and great education in the inburgerings-traject, the space for our students in which we emphasize their strengths and capabilities. Through a positive approach and from a perspective of ‘yes you can’, are we convinced that the students can realize a great position for themselves. We will guide them in their progress by means of education and internships and for them to be able to participate in society successfully.


Also, there is a great need for female empowerment: the positive approach and awareness of the power and talents of women in order to use these for the purpose of development and growth. Even after passing the inburgerings-course, there is still a great need for more information on the support of cultural integration. Think of e.g. mental and physical healthcare, sex education, healthy lifestyle, children’s upbringing etc. We will provide guidance and information as such.



The courses start in September and students will be taught in class. To address and cater to the differences in education and individual needs, there will be different assignments and personal support in class. We monitor the progress of each student by means of setting up a personal educational-plan/curriculum and we will work on this on a weekly basis. In case this will not be necessary, we offer extra learning materials (e.g. oefenen.nl and nt2taalmenu.nl).


There will be an exam after every course/topic and a TOA-test every 6 months.

We offer practical support which we will incorporate in the classes. Think for example of basic assignments such as making a doctor’s appointment, communication with the gemeente or a simple conversation with the neighbours.


Practical Information

Opening times

Monday to Friday: 9.00 - 14.00h.



Metroplein 98

3083 BB






Phone number

Malica Bouzhou: 06-34148075

Claudia Christern: 06-45242533


Public Transport

The school can be easily reached with public transport. It is located close to tram-stop Zuidplein, Rotterdam. The entrance of the school offices is right across the elevators.



You can register via the button ‘aanmelding’. You will receive a message from us as soon as possible. The school will take care of the registration for the IB-exam via www.inburgeren.nl at DUO and for the Staatsexamen I or II via https://duo.nl/particulier/staatsexamen-nt2/aanmelden bij DUO. DUO is responsible for the diploma’s.



We can assist you with your application for financial aid for the language course at DUO. Also, we can assist in the application for a loan for the language course.


Courses and methods


2 lessons of 4,5 hours per week

Taaltalent (6 topics)



2 lessons of 4,5 hours per week


-         Taalcompleet A1 (8 topics) 7 - 8 months, with extra e-learning support


2 lessons of 3 hours a week

-         Taalcompleet A2 (8 topics) 7 - 8 months, with extra e-learning support

1 lesson 3 hours a week

-         KNM (8 topics, series Taalcompleet) 2 months

-         ONA (8 cards, series Taalcompleet) 3 months or 64 hours



3 lessons of 3 hours per week

-         Taalcompleet B1 (8 topics) 7 - 8 months, with extra e-learning support



5 lessons of 3 hours (1 or 2 weeks)

We offer exam-training for the Inburgeringsexamen NT2. With this, we want to increase the chances of passing for the exam. From experience, we have noticed that sufficient practice and training takes away a lot of insecurities. Individual attention to the students will help with confidence and courage building aside from the actual training with exams.


We will schedule the exam-trainings in regular holiday periods as much as possible with groups of max. 8 people. We will practice grammar, speaking, listening and critical reading on the basis of concrete examples of inburgeringsexams. There will be practice exams as well.


Who are we?

We are Malica Bouzhou and Claudia Christern, an experienced language coach and an experienced NT2 teacher and of course, the founders of language school Elyssa.


We have a lot of connection with people who are new in a specific country because of our international background. With enthusiasm and the love we have for the Dutch language and language, we will try to convey this to our students. The school hopes to equip students with language skills in order for them to strive towards a positive perspective in Dutch society.



12,50 euro per hour. For 120 hours: 1250,--- (3 months), including class material, excluding exam fees.


Course ‘alfabetiseringstraject’ (literacy proces)

18 euro per hour. For 120 hours: 1800,---- (3 months), including class material, excluding exam fees.



160 euro for class from 09.00-16.00 uur.



Portrait Palestinian baker and Naïma.

Privacy policy

Establishment Elyssa is aware that appropriate processing of personal data is of great importance. Processing is about everything that can be done with personal data, from saving to destroying. Elyssa is responsible for the processing of your personal data and respects your privacy according to the Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG).

Which data will be processed?

Establishment Elyssa processes personal data received from you and third parties. This could be the information obtained from you in the application for student counselling, tutoring, private lessons or if you have contacted us for any other reason. Here is an overview of examples of the personal data we process: name student, BSN-number, IBAN-number, name parent/caretaker, address, phone number, school address, information with regards to previous institutions, including payment information, your feedback about counselling and all other information you have provided us with.


This data will be securely stored for a maximum of seven years. Furthermore, establishment Elyssa collects and processes personal data in the context of the daily routine of the students such as their presence in class, any results and whether or not they have successfully completed the counselling. These evaluation data will be securely stored for a maximum of three years.


Elyssa processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • The registration and administrative handling of your participation to our counselling;
  • Providing the counselling;
  • To execute analyses in order to improve our services;
  • To inform you of our reports and other relevant information;
  • To answer your questions and provide you with requested information; and
  • To comply with the rules and regulations.


Elyssa will not sell your information to third parties and will only provide this information to them if this is necessary for the execution of our agreements or to comply with a legal obligation.


Who processes your personal data?

Your personal data will be processed by the board and/or the authorised employees of establishment Elyssa. Your personal data will be processed and saved in our online student-follow system. Establishment Elyssa follows strict security norms by which employees only receive access to the personal data if this is necessary for the execution of their work.


They may only process your personal data for purposes listed in this privacy policy. Access to all personal data is limited to the board, the administration and the head coordinator of establishment Elyssa. Our location-coordinators can only oversee and process the personal data of the students at their own locations. The tutors, home-work counsellors and mentors of establishment Elyssa can only oversee the names, address and school data of the students and parent(s)/caretaker(s) connected to them in order to offer them tutoring or mentoring.



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Purpose: The FaceBook-cookie tracks which pages the user visits, in order to provide relevant adverts on FaceBook. Ownership: The cookie originates from FaceBook and will be stored for one year. Read FaceBook Privacy Statement.


Security and storage period

Your personal data is secured from abuse and access by unauthorised individuals via current conventional techniques. Elyssa saves your personal data as long as necessary for the above mentioned purposes or as long as the law prescribes. Elyssa is allowed to store personal data for a longer period in case of circumstances that may require it to be necessary.


View, correct, or delete your personal data

You have the right to view, correct or delete your personal data. You can submit a written request to Elyssa via e-mail to elyssa@gmail.com under the subject of your name and the name of your son or daughter. Elyssa will respond to your request within four weeks. In case of a request to delete personal data, Elyssa will delete the concerning data as soon as possible, unless the law and regulations require otherwise to save it or if there are (other) pressing circumstances that prevent the removal of the personal data. Moreover, the possibility exists for you to receive your personal data for re-use.




Elyssa reserves the right to change this privacy statement at any time. Changes will be published on our website. We therefore recommend that you regularly visit our website for the most recent version of this document. This privacy policy has last been edited on 31-07-2019


Communication privacy policy

The privacy policy will be discussed:

– with every student during the signing of the contract; and

– with every employee at the commencement of their contract - visible on our website.